Western does not yet have a minor or major in Palliative Care, but if you are interested in studying palliative, end of life care or death and dying, a number of faculty on Western’s campus offer courses related to these topics.  Meet with the individual faculty member to discuss your interests and check Classfinder to see when these courses might be available.

Death and Dying                                 Bonnie Blachly, RN-BSN Nursing Program, Woodring College

Death and Dying                                 Kathleen Young, Anthropology, CHSS

Aging and Societies                            Baozhen Luo, Sociology Department, CHSS

Health Policy                                      Sara Weir, Political Science, CHSS

Special Topics in Health                     Sara Weir, Political Science, CHSS

Nutrition and Public Health                Hilary Schwandt, Fairhaven College

Aging and Health                               Devyani Chandran, Health and Community Studies

                                                           (Human Services), Woodring College

Health Promo/Disease Prevent          Ying Li, Community Health, CHSS

Intro to Public Health                         Senna Towner, Community Health, CHSS

Health Comm & Social Market         Senna Towner, Community Health, CHSS

Global Health                                     Liz Mogford, Sociology, CHSS