Departure Lounge: Are you ready for the journey?

Is Death Too Serious for Humor?

ALL OF US ARE AWARE of the inevitability of life’s final journey, yet most of us have difficulty lightening up about it. Death is "serious business" and therefore we seldom see any place for humor in it. However, humor and a chance to laugh can provide relief for our anxieties about death. When we joke about death, we take the mystery out of it and begin to get the upper hand on our fears. 

So -  the Palliative Care Institute invites you to an evening of improv theatre with the theme of The Departure Lounge Some of Bellingham’s most talented improv artists will play with some of our common fears, myths, and denials. We know that death, dying, and loss are no laughing matter, but those who find a bit of humor in the process may find a bit of comfort. Come giggle, laugh, and perhaps even cry (with laughter) at the absurdities of this final journey.

Tickets - $10.00 in advance. $15.00 at the door

Purchase advance tickets.

Date Time Location
Sylvia Center for the Arts, 207 Prospect St, Bellingham, WA 98225